Trenchless Pipe Repair

No digging. No damage to landscaping.

Water & Sewer Line Services

Water mains and lines can fail for any number of reasons. Age, improper installation, failing joints, and tree roots can all cause buried water lines to clog, split, and even collapse. Not only does this affect water pressure or draining of waste water, it can also cause quite a mess in the yard.

When a new water or sewer line needs to be dug for a remodel, it used to be a long, messy, and disruptive job. A trench needed to be dug, disrupting the yard or forcing the removal of plants and shrubs. Once the pipes are in the place, the trench is then filled back in, adding more time and effort. Landscaping and grass is replaced, but will need some time to completely recover.

No piles of dirt. No damage to landscaping.

Trenchless repair is less intrusive and more efficient

True Plumbing has a better way – trenchless pipe repair. Instead of one, long trench, two holes are dug at either end of the project. That’s it – no more large piles of dirt or sod laying around until the job is done. Trenchless repair is less intrusive and much more efficient. Using a directional boring machine, the new pipe is pulled through where the old pipe currently resides – saving time, money, and effort.

Does a new line need to be installed under a sidewalk or driveway? With trenchless pipe repair, you no longer need to worry about jackhammering concrete – and the inevitable repair of that concrete – to get the job done. The sky’s the limit!

For more information on trenchless pipe repair, call True Plumbing. We are a premier plumbing outfit in Vancouver, WA and are very experienced with trenchless water line repair.

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