Septic Sewer System Services

All that spent water needs to go somewhere. That’s where the septic and sewer systems come into play. Sewer systems are more common, especially in urban areas. Basically, every home is connected to one large system, which then takes the wastewater to treatment plants. This system make a lot of sense for high-density areas where septic tanks can’t be place. For the homeowner, there isn’t much to think about after turning the faucet off or flushing. With septic tanks, a little more maintenance is needed.

True Plumbing’s Septic Sewer Services:

  • Septic Tanks
  • Video Drain Inspection
  • Septic Drain Line Clearing
  • Septic System Decommissioning
  • Septic/sewer System Hookup
Septic Sewer Repair Vancouver WA

Septic Tanks

A septic system is self-contained on the property of the home, gathering all the waste water, filtering it, then releases the cleaner water into drain fields. These are used in more rural areas that have plenty of room to install such a system, both the tank and draining field. At some point, though, the tank will need to be emptied or cleaned. Neglected septic tanks can cause huge headaches if not properly cared for, as full tanks can often back up into the house.

Video Drain Inspection

If you are having problems, True Plumbing will inspect the septic tank. With our video drain inspections, we can pinpoint the problem, telling the difference between a full tank or just a clog somewhere along the line. This saves time and money over guessing what the problem can be.

Spent water needs to go somewhere.


Septic Drain Line Clearing

Septic Sewer System Services Vancouver WA
Blockages can be caused by many things: hair, grease from cooking, tree roots, or too much toilet paper gathering in one spot. Once the problem area is discovered, True Plumbing has the right tools for the job. Whether it’s a mechanical snake or hydrojetter, we will remove the clog and get your water flowing again.

Septic System Decommissioning

When rural areas become urban areas, sometimes septic systems need to be replace by sewer systems. True Plumbing will decommission the old tanks in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Septic/sewer System Hookup

No matter if you want a septic tank system for your home, or need to be hooked up to a sewer system, True-Plumbing handles both projects. We are experienced in digging out a new area for the tank and planning the drain field for most efficient use. We also connect newer and older homes to sewer systems, making sure all city or county codes are followed.

We use a lot of water in our day-to-day lives, and a minor issue with the septic system can quickly become a major problem. If you think your septic or sewer system is struggling, call True-Plumbing for a video drain inspection today.

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